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Zermatt Unplugged was founded in 2007 by Marco Godat and Thomas Sterchi. It has since grown to be an important event on the European music scene. The edition featured 80 concerts, which were performed over five days at 14 venues in Zermatt and the surrounding mountains.

Cartier Roadster Replica is not new to the music scene. The brand partnered with British band Depeche Mode in 2014 for a charity concert, and later a special series of 250 watches. The brand's partnership with Zermatt Unplugged is a continuation of its love for music. It makes perfect sense, as it already has strong connections with the Zermatt Tourism Office.

Revolution joined Cartier Roadster Replica to enjoy the final day of concerts.Replica Franck Mueller We had the chance to meet Lianne La Havas, a British/Jamaican/Greek singer-songwriter just before she took her Cartier Roadster Replica Classic Fusion to perform an electrifying show.

Are you familiar with Zermatt?

It's something I have never seen before, but it is one of my favorite places. It is a beautiful little town that I visited yesterday.

You have many songs that are unique and each one is different. How would you describe your style of music?

Recording is a vast field with so many options and textures.Ulysse Nardin Replica I consider myself to be quite eclectic, so I try to incorporate that into my music. Every song is different, so I enjoy creating textures that reflect the subject matter of each song. When I'm playing solo, there is only my guitar and my voice. But I like lots of things. At its core, I like melodies and chords. I also try to make lyrics truthful and good.

What is the best way to make creativity work for you?

Sometimes I can do it all at once. One moment, I will be playing something, and the song quickly develops into a song with many words and subject matter. Sometimes I will make the music first, and then I'll just play it. Sometimes I'll just go to the toilet and hear it in my head. Then I'll come up with a melody. Sometimes I just sing some nonsense and then see what it feels like. If the chords feel good and the rhythm is right for me, the melody will come quickly.