TP-100 Ultrasonic Mouse and Pest Repeller

Product Code : TP-100

It has a unique technology that provides instant solutions and success especially in mice.

Thank you for choosing our product. Our only desire is your satisfaction with our product and us. For us, your satisfaction is more valuable than the money you paid.

Our products are the most effective products in the ultrasonic mouse and insect repellent category. The product is an indispensable fixture for your home and office for control of the pest such as cockroach, ant, spider, bat, scorpion and snake, especially mouse species.

The product has a unique technology bringing instant solution and success especially for mice. It is effective at the rate of 90% on mosquitoes in an area of 20-30m2. Through its special design and modulation, it has the power to reach inside the walls and to the most remote corners. Through its non-sequential (non-regular signal generation) ultrasonic system and different modulations, it is the only device to which mice and inspects cannot develop immunity. It has a special software (sw). It is patented. It is the only device keeping 4 separate systems together. 4 alternative products sold in the market are not even equivalent 1 TP-100. The technical values can be checked in independent laboratories.

A total of 4 independent outputs are available.  It has no alternative in the world's market.

Thanks to its high technology, its energy consumption group is A. It runs silently.

Our TP-100 model and other models were all produced directly (nonreflectively) with a wide angle of 180° as production design. With its backscatter technology, it can reach a scan density and angle of 360°.

It has an ultrasonic sound system that is far above the hearing threshold of the human ear, that can be heard only by the target creatures, that attacks against their sensory and nervous system, that exposes them to continuous stress, that forces them to leave and evacuate their living environment. It is harmless to humans, children, pets and other electronic devices.


It is the modern PREVENTION SYSTEM keeping mice and insects away from you without the need for the primitive methods such as drug, poison, trap, spray, adhesive endangering human, environmental and nutritional health.

The most basic function of the device is; preventing the harbouring and entry of rodents and insects from outside. It forces them to leave from where they came or from wherever they can be found. The home or office, where the device will be used, should reach the frequency density. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the criteria and the warnings in the user manual. 

The healthiest way to permanently get rid of mice and insects is using the products of TEKNOPEST.




Plug in the device.

-You can place it at the center of your home or office,

-Into the hall-entrance section to which the room doors are opened ,

-Into the room or kitchen with problem.

-You can relocate the device at times.

If possible, fix the device on the ground, if not, fix the device at most 40 cm above the ground.

There should be 1,5 to 2m distance from the front, right, left of the device. It should not be blocked by sofa, wardrobe, furniture, walls, the stack of goods. There should be at least 1,5 to 2m distance from the front of the speakers. The signals generated by the device should be able to spread around easily.

Aim the device at the source of the problem. The device should be directed to the most critical and secluded areas. No mouse walks around! They always walk on the wall bottom.


1.The red and green leds, indicating that the device is on, blink in turn at 1280 ms intervals. If one or both of them do not blink or if one or both of them flash, it means that the device is broken.

2.If it makes a sound that can be heard from a distance of at least 3m, it means that one of the ultrasonic transmitters is broken.

In both cases, contact with the seller or simply report your complaint to our 


The ultrasonic transmitters on the device are the most sensitive materials. Dust should be removed at least once a year. Dust should be removed by vacuum cleaner or hair dryer from the sensor screens inside the speaker horn cabinets.

Issues to pay attention while ordering the device;

a) The occupancy of the area,

b) The headway of the area (If it is above 3m, calculate by x2)

c) Pay attention to the independent sections (areas) in dublex or triplex floors, houses or partitioned areas if the area is totally independent. For each part or unit, a different device should be taken into account one by one.


There is a 8-channel DIP switch on the motherboard. The 8th channel ensuring stable operation is closed. You can turn on the modulation switch (8th channel) to increase vibration. Unplug the device from the power socket to do that. Remove one of the front tweeters You can

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